- dbGetInfo{category}

There are also some methods that lets you pull very fast informations of all sibling branches:

If you set the optional param to true you simply get an array with all ids of relevant pages. This can be turned into PageArray with: $pa = $pages->getById($ids); This is used by the FrontEndHandler class when you call the dbGetGenres(), dbGetArtists(), ... methods. (they pull data from that methods/cache, turn into PageArray and sort by title).

If you use the default output you have some useful informations. Look to the second var_dump output below!

There are some more methods that can return useful informations:

$fe->hn->my_var_dump( $fe->dbGetInfoArtists( true ), 1 );
$fe->hn->my_var_dump( $fe->dbGetInfoArtists(), 1 );