- FormSelectField 03

As the third param you can pass an options-array():

$options = array(
   // (prefix for the name and the id tag, - is followed by the category: 'SEL_albums')
   'NameIdPrefix'   => 'SEL_',                   
   // (if it should display the count of children, with genres it displays number of artists | with artists it displays number of albums etc.)
   'withChildCount' => false,                    
   // (withChildCount is displayed before the Title by default, if you use a monospace it can be displayed align-right)
   'forMonospace'   => false,                    
   // (optional inline-css, for example: 'float:left;width:50%;')
   'style'          => "float:left;width:44%;"   

This example shows two forms, one with childCount and the other with childCount & forMonospace:

$options = array(
   'NameIdPrefix'   => 'SELALBUMS_',
   'withChildCount' => true );
echo "<form id='formAlbums' action='/playlist/m3u/' method='post'>\n";
echo $fe->getFormSelect('albums', 13, $options);
echo "  <br /><input type=\"Submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"create playlist for multiple albums\">\n";
echo "</form>\n";

$options = array(
   'NameIdPrefix'   => 'SELALBUM_',
   'withChildCount' => true,
   'forMonospace'   => true,
   'style'          => "font-family:courier,monospace;font-size:0.74em" );
echo "<form id='formAlbum' action='/playlist/m3u/' method='post'>\n";
echo $fe->getFormSelect('album', 13, $options);
echo "  <br /><input type=\"Submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"create playlist for one album\">\n";
echo "</form>\n";