Playlists (m3u & pls)

Creating a Playlist can be done with a simple GET-Request as follows:
send an album-page-id as part of the url to: /playlist/m3u/{ID}/ and you get a m3u-playlist for that album. If you send it to /playlist/pls/{ID}/ you get a pls-playlist returned.

If you want get playlists other than for a simple album, you have to use a POST-Request as follows:
send it to /playlist/m3u/ or /playlist/pls/,

within the form you can create a single SelectField named 'album', or a MultipleSelectField named 'albums'. Or you create a combination of fields named genre | genres and artist | artists. You can use only one field or any combination, but a good choice for example would be: single genre and multiple artists.

The following demos show the use of some FormSelectFields allready provieded by the LocalAudioFiles-FrontEndHandler.