- FormSelectField 01

With the following code you can create FormSelectFields for Genres, Artists and Albums.

The form action must be /playlist/m3u/ or /playlist/pls/ and the method must be post.

   $fe->getFormSelect($category='genre', $size=9, $options=null)

You can call the method for a genre-selectfield without any params. Setting the fisrt param to genre, album or artist returns a SingleSelectField of the specified category. Setting the first param to one of its plural (genres, artists, albums) returns a MultiSelectField!

    $category = [ genre | artist | album OR genres | artists | albums ]
    $size = 9
// these are the static lines of the selectfield

See the first example here, and more examples in following demos:

echo "<form id='formAlbum' action='/playlist/m3u/' method='post'>\n";

echo $fe->getFormSelect('album');

echo "  <br /><input type=\"Submit\" name=\"submit\" value=\"create playlist for one album\">\n";
echo "</form>\n";